Tax-free Retirements

Choose to retire more wisely.

Qualified Rollover Programs

Why fund the government instead of your family? The government taxes you when you work, when you invest and even after you die. There’s no reason to let them tax you while you save your money, too.

Qualified Plans: What You May Currently Have

401(k)s, IRAs, SEPs, 457s., etc.

With these plans, you…

  • Are limited in what you can contribute.
  • Are limited in what you can invest in.
  • Don’t pay taxes on your principal at the known tax rate now, but instead pay on principal and growth at future unknown rates.
  • Cannot access your money without penalties until age 59.5.
  • Must access your money and pay taxes on RMDs at age 70.5.
  • Are subject to volatility of the stock market (on average, every 9.8 years, the stock market drops by 44%).

Fortune Freedom Plans: What You Could Have

A Qualified Rollover Program

With this program, you…

  • Are not limited in what you can contribute.
  • Can invest in anything you want.
  • Pay taxes once now at the known tax rate, and when you retire, you don’t pay taxes on the growth, no matter the tax rate.
  • Can access your account at anytime without penalty.
  • Can keep your money growing in the plan as long as you want.
  • Are guaranteed never to lose its principal and have guaranteed minimum growth plus non-guaranteed dividends.

It’s your retirement and your retirement money. Schedule an appointment and free consultation to learn more about how your qualified plans can earn a tax-free retirement.

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